• Here we'd like to introduce the advantages of metal double jacketed gasket.


  • What is Spiral Wound Gasket (SWG)?Do you know?


  • There are two major factors to be considered with regard to gasket seating. The first is the gasket material itself. The ASME Unfired Pressure Vessel Code Section VIII, Division 1 defines minimum design seating stresses for variety of gasket materials. These design seating stresses range from zero psi for so-called self-sealing gasket types such as low durometer elastomers and O-rings to 26,000 psi to properly seat solid flat metal gaskets. Between these two extremes there are a multitude of materials available to the designer enabling him to make a selection based upon the specific operating conditions under investigation. Table 1 indicated the more popular types of gaskets covered by ASME Unfired Pressure Vessel Code.


  • A seal is affected by compressing the gasket material and causing it to flow into the imperfections on the gasket seating surfaces so that intimate contact is made between the gasket and the gasket seating surfaces preventing the escape of the confined fluid. Basically there are four different methods that may be used either singly or in combination to achieve this unbroken barrier.


  • In the present seal, metal spiral wound gasket with excellent elasticity, high temperature, high pressure,low temperature and other characteristics, has become a very wide range of applied seal. Especially suitable for uneven loading, relaxation and easy access together, cyclical changes in temperature and pressure of the occasion, is the main flange gasket. In the petrochemical pipelines, mechanicalseals,shipbuilding,metallurgy, aerospace and other industries widely.