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  • IX Seal Rings are designed for use in compact flange connections in accordance with NORSOK standard.

  • HX seal rings work equally well both directions and is therfore the best choice when also large external pressures can occur (Recommended for subsea use).A robust seal used in the most demanding applications.No practical limit for pressure that can be taken.

  • AX ring gaskets is the solid gasket by forging, heat treatment and machining. The gaskets is the special ring joint gasket which suitable for offshore drilling manufaturing system.AS ring gasket is one of the octagonal ring joint gaskets.Mental gaskets with the radial tight sealing effect which include type VX Ring Gasket and CX Ring Gaskets.

  • Corrugated double jacketed gasket is often used in applications where thermocycling problems need to solved. Building on the strength of the Double Jacketed Gaskets. Corrugation in this style of gasket materially improves the resilience of the gasket and provides extra protection to the filler. The corrugated double jacketed gasket, a excellent choice of high pressure and temperature applications, especially that require extra bolting pressure.

  • Stamping jacket gasket stamping by punch machines, the gasket with soft pliable core, surrounded by a metal jacket that totally or partially encloses the filler material.

  • Double jacket gasket comprise of a thin metallic outer shell enclosing a resilient filler material. The gaskets metal case protects the resilient filler and is resistant to pressure, temperature and corrosion.